Car Insurance Tips for California Drivers

So, you have been with the same car insurance company for many years and see your premium slowly increasing with each renewal period. You contact your carrier to see why the increase since nothing on your end or within your lifestyle has changed.

Normally, the answer provided is not what you need so, you begin your search for affordable auto insurance or liability car insurance Anaheim CA or within Orange County California.

This happens more times than not because like with any industry, prices change and profits and loss are the reason for this change.

You may have seen many insurance companies in Orange CA or anywhere within California, advertising their great rates.

Do not fall for these gimmicks with humorous advertisements. It is just a ploy to capture new clients. Without new customers to offset their cancellations, their profits look bleak, no matter how big they are.


Positive Side of Comparing

On a positive note, you can use this to your advantage. since rates are constantly changing and companies have to remain competitive, new discounts and reductions in premium are inevitable.

What this means to you is, untapped opportunities to save money. How you find these savings is up to you, but do your homework first.

Many people believe because they see a large company advertise on television that they are the best.

This is obviously not true, many times they just have a larger marketing budget paid by their customers through premiums and commissions.

You can always review these insurance companies on consumer affairs or Better Business Bureau.


Regulated Companies

Companies are regulated by government agencies and the consumer is protected in the event a carrier becomes insolvent.

Having said this, do your homework, do not buy into the fluff they are projecting onto you because their main goal is profits and your main goal is to save money.

Many times people have overpaid on their coverage simply because they like the brand name of the company or because their family was insured with them for many years.


Personal Insurance Tips

Just because one auto insurance company worked well for your neighbor or family member doesn’t mean that it will save you money.

Each carrier has a certain niche market and they are competitive within this market only. You may be shopping in the wrong niche market.

You may also find large insurance companies now offering other markets, like motorcycle coverage or renters coverage.



They project as though you would be insured through their brand name with these products. This is not always the case, because many times they just outsource it to another company completely detached from them.

It would be no different then you going to a grocery store and asking for a specialty item not sold within the market.

You go to the grocery worker and request this specialty item and watch them pick up the phone to an outside source and refer them to you.


Larger Carriers

The same is true with some larger companies. They use you, the lead to refer out to another company. They make a referral fee and you think your buying into the same brand, but you’re not though.

So, before you buy a renters policy or any other product from a company, who now recently advertises they sell this product, ask them if this new product is sold and insured directly through them.

If not, the product and you are being outsourced to a different channel. There are so many marketing factors and misleading advertising disclaimers so, always do your research, no matter how large the brand is.



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Market Relationship

Now that you understand the relationship of companies and how they may operate from the outside in, look for opportunities to save with them.

Coverage discounts not available at one point are now available. This is important because you can capitalize on this new wave of savings. Remember, carriers are constantly competing with their counterparts.


New Attractions

They have to create new enticements, like discounts or giveaways to attract new customers.

So, if you just received a renewal bill from your current auto coverage company and you find it more expensive then the last renewal period.

This is a good time to ask your agent or broker to review it to see if any discounts were missed.

Regardless if your premium has increase or not, you should always get in the habit of having a comprehensive policy review.

This helps to ensure you are being properly insured.


How to find Affordable Auto Insurance in CA

Let’s say you just bought your first used car and you need liability only coverage to cover the minimum limits the state requires.

You will first need to know the minimum limits of liability for your state.

In California, the limits are:

  • $15,000 per person,
  • $30,000 per occurrence and
  • $5,000 for property damage


After having these figures, your ready to begin your search. If you just need state limits of coverage, the above limits is what you need.

Anything above those limits may be more than you truly need. It depends on why you need this coverage in the first place. Register a car, license reinstatement or so forth.

Some people only need coverage to get something done for the day. They may only need it to register a vehicle and then their done.


Representatives Available

Yes, there are insurance brokers and agents who work with these specialized group of companies. They can help save you a lot more money then their direct counterparts.

Actually, agents and brokers can work with both direct writers and general managing agencies.

This is a great approach to begin with when you are online searching.

This approach will help you immediately. You will know where to begin. You do not have to waste time searching through specialty markets.

Find out what you need, how long you need it and contact a carrier that falls into that group.


Comparison Tools

You do not need to waster your time searching online with comparison site tools that may be inaccurate data to say the least.

Do not jeopardize your personal information online or have quotes that are not real. This comes with the bait and switch techniques.

This simple tip can save you not only money, precious time but any headaches that may come from doing online searches.


Safety Risks

I know, we all enjoy the convenience of shopping online but there are also risk factors associated with this process.

Such risk factors are possibly compromising your identity with unscrupulous search sites. These sites only offer a powered tool to compare.

However, in reality, this comparison tool is only a lead generation and not a service.

Yes, some are legitimate, but you may also find sites built outside of the country. You want to be careful if you do spot some suspicious red flags on a site.



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Traffic or Consumer Help

These type of comparison sites are just a way for the webmaster to generate traffic to attract paid advertisers. You may not understand the back-end of these operations which can cost you a lot more than just money.

Always make sure you check the license of these groups because without a license they can not sell you coverage.

We are not trying to scare you but rather help protect you from any future harm.


Spam Inbox

The last thing you want is your contact information or email address being sold to hundreds and hundreds of companies which will only flood your inbox.

Now, that you have a good foundation for your search of coverage, you will be required to provide the most basic information to begin your quote.

The type of information provided will only help to ensure an accurate rate and not a quote that will change in the future.


Example of Help

For example, your driver’s license number, your VIN number or vehicle identification number of your vehicle (17 digit number usually found on your registration or windshield of your vehicle) will be requested.

If not, be careful because you will not be getting an accurate rate.

How could you if not all your information is imputed properly.


Big Spenders

These advertisers that run anonymous quotes are only giving you a ball park range.

As you know this will change once all the correct information is imputed. So, why would you want to put yourself through this and waste your precious time. Time is the ultimate savings.

If your driver’s license is not being ran and your vehicle is not being pulled up from the DMV in the rating system, nothing is guaranteed. It’s like guessing the size of your show over the phone.



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California Insurance Red Flags

As we have mentioned above, if your driver’s license is not ran, then beware, it’s not an accurate quote. The same holds true with your VIN number, vehicle identification number.

If the agent or broker on the phone tells you that the only way to buy your coverage is by coming down to their local office, be concerned.

This is because this is just a sales tactic to get you into the office where the quote given over the phone will change.


To Good to be True

So, like we have all heard before, if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

This unfortunately, is a common practice in the insurance world and is more commonly known as “bait and switch” tactics. So, make sure you ask the right questions to get the honest answers!

A good way to really see if the quote provided is guaranteed is to ask if you can buy over the phone.

If you hear any hesitation or if they state it can’t be done, beware.

We don’t live in 1980 anymore. You can buy practically anything online so why not coverage.



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Review California Car Insurance Quotes

Just like your current coverage policy, you will also want to review your newly quoted coverage for your vehicle.

This helps to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want. Just because today your auto coverage seems reasonable, can always play out differently when a claim or loss should occur.


No Unexpected Loss

You never want to be surprised with coverage issues at the time of a loss.

Also, make sure that no future policy service fees exist if you wanted to add a vehicle or driver to your policy.

These hidden fees make will make that seemingly inexpensive quote very expensive in the long run.

If you were to add up all the changes you made on your policy during the term, it can cost you hundreds out-of-pocket on top of what you already paid.


How Insurance is Processed

After your driver’s license is ran and your VIN number is pulled up in the coverage rating database, your all set with an accurate quote.

This will become a rate, since it is guaranteed and locked in.

You normally want to ask if you can purchase this policy over the phone or online as mentioned above.

This will ensure that your quote is really a rate! OK, comparing quotes is now done and your ready to sit back, have your  documents e-mailed to your inbox.

The nice thing is all parties such as the DMV are electronically notified same-day of your coverage without you ever leaving the comfort of your home.


Same Day Coverage & SR22

If you need same-day SR-22 coverage, your fine. It can be done without a hitch.

After comparing coverage quotes, you buy over the phone or online and receive immediate  confirmation. Your SR22 will be filled with the state electronically, but you are always given a copy for your records.

Rates are guaranteed only if your driving record was ran at the time of sale. If not, you run the risk of a premium hike.


Quotes versus Rates

Remember when quotes, to make sure nothing is going to change on your policy in a few weeks.

This can be easily verified by reviewing your policy under the driving record section.

Look for any activity if you know you have some on your driving record. If not, the quote is based on a clean driving record. If you know you do not have a clean record, beware!


How to buy Insurance the Right Way!

You might still have questions. We have answers! Were here to help and educate. That’s what many years of experience will do!

Tired of the bait and switch techniques discussed in this article, then CALL Target Up Insurance at 800-962-0085!

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