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motorcycle insurance


Do you need to compare cheap motorcycle insurance in California, regardless if you live in Victorville CA, or Los Angeles CA? If so, it can be challenging, since not every motorcycle insurance program is the same. As an example, what if you need SR22 Insurance but you own a bike instead of a vehicle.

No problem, there are motorcycle insurance programs that offer this option.

Many types of motorcycles exist within the market, and the fact that not every rider has the same type of driving record can only complicate matters. Not to mention that not all motorcycle insurance companies offer the same types of coverage and options needed for your specific ride.


DUI’s for Motorcycle Insurance

So, if you need motorcycle insurance for a DUI, you needs will vary from someone with a clean driving record. As an example, if you own a Harley and have a clean driving record, you can expect your insurance rate to be a lot different from a rider with a classic vintage bike needing SR-22 Insurance.

As you can see, many factors are considered into your insurance rate.

These rating factors can mean the difference in huge savings or not. The same rating factors that apply to your car insurance policy also applies to your motorcycle insurance rates.

Obviously if you live in Southern California and own a bike, you may find yourself paying a lot more than someone living in a rural state.

There are parts in California that can offer the least expensive motorcycle insurance possible and that depends on the population size and the risk factors exposed to you as a driver and your bike.



sr22 insurance

sr22 insurance


Quotes for Cycles

Huge variations in your insurance quotes are the most common issue people are finding when comparing online. If you find yourself in this scenario, you’re not alone.

Cycle insurance like auto insurance, has a niche. Meaning every insurance company has a niche market and will provide the lowest insurance rates depending on their appetite.

Finding these niche insurance companies also provide for discounts not always offered with every insurance company.



These discounts like on an auto insurance policy, provide discounts for riders associations, club associations, motorcycle training classes or certification. If you have had your motorcycle license for a good period of time, more than 3 years in most cases, you can look at receiving a discount for the motorcycle riding experience.

These discounts can truly help offset your insurance premium if your driving record is not that good.

Keep in mind that not all insurance companies will offer the same rider discounts so, you will want to check into these savings before you buy your policy.


Motorcycle Insurance Companies

If you do not understand what market of insurance you will be assigned to when comparing online quotes, then you run the risk of overpaying for your insurance.

As an example, if you have a vintage motorcycle verses a Cruiser, your physical damage protection may vary due to the bikes difference in classification.

In most cases, not every insurance company specializes in the vintage or antique motorcycle market, meaning your toy could be in jeopardy of incorrect insurance coverage since underwriting restrictions due apply on the antique market.


Specialty Markets

Specialty markets do exist within the market so, if you have an antique, vintage or classic bike, you need that specific coverage. For the most part, not all insurance companies will accept these types of classifications, but a few will.

Those few insurance companies who specialize in your type of bike can offer you the most competitive rates possible.
This same philosophy applies to any item.

You want to make sure you are matching the type of coverage that will fit your specific needs, not only for cost savings but also for protection.


Company Restrictions

Many insurance companies will have restrictions if you have a specialty bike classification so, if a claim or loss should occur you may not be covered.

There are people who find themselves either under-insured or under-protected until they match themselves with a specialty market insurance company.

As you’re comparing rates, make sure to see what coverage’s are excluded and applied to your insurance policy before you purchase. You can always refer to the companies underwriting guidelines to make sure.

You can request a copy, but they will also be normally found on your insurance policy as well, usually tucked away on page 17.


Motorcycle Insurance Rates

Since you already understand that all motorcycles on the road are required by law to have cycle insurance, more specifically, the liability portion of the insurance, which is mandatory by the state, just like your auto insurance policy.

Full coverage insurance on your bike will protect the actual physical motorcycle, and its owner in the event of a loss.

Since motorcycles are not generally covered under a personal auto insurance policy, and can not be added onto the policy with an endorsement, most people turn to the internet in search of the cheapest insurance possible.


Right Coverage

Finding the cheapest insurance for your bike doesn’t necessary mean that you are getting the right coverage.

You will want to make sure to ask what options are available on your bike and if any multi policy discounts are available if you were to bundle your auto insurance policy.

This simple merge of policies can save riders a lot of money each year which means more gas money to ride your bike and enjoy the freedom it has to offer.


Liability Coverage

Aside from the normal liability coverage portion of the insurance policy, other coverage exist, which include: uninsured/under-insured motorist, medical coverage, roadside assistance, custom parts and equipment, with special policy options for custom bikes and collector bikes.

Accessory coverage can provide up to $3,000 for no added premium. Additional coverage may be purchased providing coverage up to $30,000, which includes helmet and sifted riding apparel for collision only since theft is not covered.


Optional Coverage

An itemized list of accessories with corresponding prices of each accessory, are required to secure insurance coverage and protection.

Transport Trailer coverage available on some motorcycle insurance policies with coverage up to $10,000. Medical Payments are available on some motorcycle insurance policies with coverage limits of $25,000.

Roadside Assistance is available on some liability and full coverage motorcycle insurance policies with availability of 24 hours x 7 days a week. A true life saver.


Loss Settlement on your Motorcycle Policy

Make sure when comparing insurance online, to ask how the insurance company will pay out on a claim. Some Insurance companies will pay a claim on an actual cash value, which is appraised on the resale value according to Kelley Blue Book.

Not all insurance companies operate on an ACV basis when delivering claims, so be proactive, and get your facts prior to buying. Your insurance policy encompasses so much more than just motorcycles.

It actually recognizes scooters, mopeds, snowmobiles, ATVs, and golf carts as well under this policy.


Add my Cycle to my Homeowners Policy

A homeowner’s policy never covers physical damage on a motorcycle; however, endorsements are available on some policies for ATV’s and golf carts but make sure to check in advance with the insurance company to ensure they will accept this risk.

Aside from the standard set of coverage’s on an insurance policy, insurance companies often offer specialized insurance protection. Specialized coverage can really come in handy at the time of loss.

Things you may not think of prior to a claim such as accessory coverage and trip interruption can be costly if you do not have the coverage included on your motorcycle insurance policy.

As you have learned, understanding what your policy includes after an accident or loss is extremely important. It can be a life altering decision on your future.

It’s best to learn this before an incident, which why comparing quotes,make sure you are also looking at coverage’s and what will and will not covered under your policy.


motorcycle insurance southern california

motorcycle insurance southern california



Exclusions do exit under the guidelines so understanding them before you encounter a loss is more important than always finding the lowest rate.

Many people will unfortunately realize this fact when it’s too late. So, make sure to ask lots of questions about coverage if you have a specialty market bike or need specific coverage’s with no limitations.


Types of Bikes

  • BMW


California Insurance Cities Service Areas

Every motorcycle insurance company will have different rates depending on the territory and demographics of the risk. For example, if you’re garaging address is listed in Los Angeles CA compared to Ontario CA, you will a drastic change in rate just for the territory zip code.

These rating factors allow each insurance company to rate properly with the Department of Insurance and project future earnings to have in the reserve pool.

This is an important function that all insurance companies engage and participate in. They must divide the territory, type of risk they are willing to accept, put in a bid for a certain rate, have it approved and regulated by the state of California and pass it on the consumers through agents and brokers.


Internal System

Yes, it is a lot more complex of a system then this short summary laid out, but we just want to give you an outline of the process, because it is a very common question to how insurance companies get their rates.

So, for simplicity purposes, just find a motorcycle market that will fit your needs and ask for discounts that are offered before you even begin the quoting process.

If you live in a highly populated area, you can always expect to pay more than your rural counterpart. Here is how your motorcycle rate can be effected. If you have multiple discounts and accidents you may not be even insurable with some insurance companies.


Accept your Risk

The good news is there are companies who will accept your risk as we spoke above. However, we want to share how one important rating factor like which zip code you reside in can make an impact on your bottom line.


Discounts for My Ride

Finding discounts and finding a motorcycle insurance company who specializes in your driving habits and lifestyle are the first steps in saving money.

There are California cities with specialty motorcycle insurance programs, meaning motorcycle insurance companies who have competitive rates for your specific area.

What this means to you is great savings. The only thing left is to find a local insurance broker or agent who can shop your specific area. Remember, not all national direct insurance companies are competitive in your area.


Territory for My Bike

So, depending on the insurance program available to you as a rider within your territory, you can either save hundreds or not.

This all depends on the insurance company and whether they specialize coverage in your area. Just because you see an insurance company advertise all day and night on TV, doesn’t mean that it is best suited for you.

We have had many clients come from big name insurance companies complaining why they advertise low rates when in fact they were pricier then most other competitors.


Shopping different Risks

This can simply be answered with niche market are you shopping in, because each insurance company rather it be auto or motorcycle have specific pockets of areas and types of risks they are more competitive in.

So, even though they advertise they are the cheapest insurance out there, it really depends if that insurance company caters to your specific needs and risk factor.

It is always best to get 3 rates with the exact same coverage amount, and pick the best option package for you.

Make sure you are shopping quotes within your market, meaning if you have a really bad driving record or do not have a cycle license, you may face either rejection of insurance or prices so high that you have to shop around.


Profits or Good Rates

This is just a friendly way for an insurance company to say we don’t want your risk. Remember, each insurance company has to make a profit so, they want to stay within their market and not accept all risks.

By accepting all risks, an insurance company is exposing themselves up for too many losses which can ultimately place an insurance company on moratorium or in the insurance language, a force stop to sale insurance by the state of California.

This memo regulates the inflow of risk an insurance company will take on in order to avoid any insolvency issues down the road. Even your big name insurance companies can’t accept all risk, it would financially put them in a volatile position.


Comprehensive Policy Review

Now that you have had a comprehensive review of all the discounts and options available for your bike, your next step is to make sure you know what coverage options you will need.

After completing this step, you will want to match an insurance company who can accept your risk and your driving record. This process can be foreign to you if this is your first time or if your lifestyle has changed.

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